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Anniversary Give away ! 

CreativPlayground  is hosting a giveaway for its upcoming 1 year anniversary. We wanted to give a big thankyou to to all of you for  being with us throughout this journey by giving away a few prizes to 2 lucky winners.

Grand prize x 1 winner

 1 free digital illustrations.

 1 coffee mug of illustration and 

1 hoodie of illustration

2nd prize

1 free illustration 

1 coffee mug from the store 

Giveaway Rules

(To enter you must  Reach 60 points)

  1. Follow @creativ.playground on instagram (20 points)

  2. Like the giveaway photo (20 points)

  3. Share a picture,  of yourself you would want us to illustrate. Tag @creativ.playground and Add the  the hashtag #CP1Anniversary  (20 points)


Winner will be  drawn on May 1st and will have 24h after the announcement to contact us in order to collect their prizes. If not, another winner will be chosen at random and the 2nd prize winner will become the grand prize winner.

Entries will be accepted until April 30th at 2pm ( CET)

FOR EXTRA ENTRIES ( valued at 10 points),  fill out the entry form at the end of this post.



After the entry period has passed. The points will be counted up  to eliminate those participants with lower scores. A total of 60 points are needed to be considered for the win. Any additional points you earn will only play in your favor.

In the event of a tie, the names of the participants  will be placed on a virtual wheel of names. The wheel will provide us with the winner's names.

For transparency purposes the  process will be on instagram live on May 1st  at 5pm (CET) at the CreativPlayground instagram page.

Fill out for 10 more pts

se han añadido 10 puntos a tu entrada

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